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All explanatory texts were compiled in German and then machine translated. This may result in translation errors. However, this only refers to the explanations to the questions. The translations of the questionnaires were done by TÜV | DEKRA arge tp 21 and are exactly the same as the translations in the theory test. These translations are only available once you are logged in. All other translations on the website were done by a different translation agency.

Während der Fahrt überquert vor Ihrem Fahrzeug ein Reh die Fahrbahn. Was sollten Sie beachten?

Accidents with wildlife are sometimes difficult to avoid. The top priority when crossing animals is not to endanger yourself or other road users. In order not to collide with oncoming traffic or trees on the side of the road, you should only dodge if you can rule out any danger to other road users and yourself. You should only consider emergency braking if you are sure that there is no vehicle behind you at close range.
Das Reh kann mitten auf der Fahrbahn stehen bleiben
Deer can stop in the middle of the roadway when crossing roads. You should expect this and be ready to slow down to a standstill at deer crossings.
Dem Reh können weitere Tiere folgen
If a deer crosses your lane, you should be very alert and expect other deer to follow. Reduce your speed so you can avoid a collision with the following animals. You can use the hazard warning lights to signal the danger to other road users.
Das Reh kann durch Einschalten des Fernlichts verscheucht werden
Wildlife, and deer in particular, tend to stare intently at headlights. They then stop moving in fright and you can't expect to scare them off the road with the high beam.

Prüfungsreif auf der Überholspur!

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