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Original driving school questionnaires for the theory test

Driving test made easy – at Führerschein bestehen you will find the driving school sheets for all vehicle classes in the original, the same ones that are used in the test – so you can prepare and pass your theory test. For a good price: For only 29,99 euros (driving licence class B) you get unlimited access to all questionnaires and video questions for one month.

If you would like to try our driving licence learning system, you can download the learning materials for the driving test free of charge and use them through a user account for a period of time. You will see: It couldn't be any easier or more effective to prepare for the theory test! This is confirmed by our high success rate. About 99% of all learner drivers who use our learning system pass the driving licence theory test the first time. And if you do not pass the test, we will give you your money back! Guaranteed!

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Your personal complete learning package for the driving test: The smart learning system of Führerschein bestehen provides all learning materials and valuable features. If you want to prepare for the driving test online , you benefit from a regularly updated list of questions, which also includes the video questions. The system continuously adapts to your individual level of knowledge, which means that the test situation can be simulated under real conditions.

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Register for the theory test

To be permitted to sit the theory test, you have to attend the theory lessons . 14 teaching units are required by law. Many driving schools also offer intensive holiday courses, which allow you to attend your compulsory lessons within a short period of time. Usually, your driving school gets you to pass a few test sheets before your driving instructor registers you for the theory test. But don't worry: With Fü you can prepare for your driving test so well that nothing can go wrong.

How many errors am I allowed to make?

This depends on whether you are getting a single driving licence class or a combination of several classes. The other thing that is important is whether you are taking the driving test for the first time or whether you take an extended test. The two tables below tell you the permitted number of errors (individual classes and combined classes).

Individual classes

Classes Permissible number of errors
First-time test Extended test*
Mofa 7
A, A1, A2, AM, Mofa, B, T, L 10 6
C1 10
C 10
CE 10
D1 10
D 10

Combined classes

Classes Permissible number of errors
First-time test Extended test*
A, A1, A2, AM, Mofa, B, T, L 10 6
B + C1 10 + 13 6 + 10
B + C 10 + 13 6 + 10
B + C + CE 10 + 13 + 13 6 + 10 + 10
B + D1 10 + 13 6 + 10
B + D 10 + 13 6 + 10

* We talk about an extended test when you have already passed a theory test or have a driving licence.

You have failed the driving test if you have given the wrong answers to 2 questions valued at 5 points or if you exceed the permissible number of errors. The test simulations at Fü take into account these and all other official rules and regulations for test sheets.