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The PC test

Information for the driver's test on the PC

Since 1 January 2010, the theory test on the PC (in short: PC test) has been introduced throughout Germany. The PC test offers several significant advantages in comparison to the old paper versions. The random order of possible answers prevents you from stubbornly learning by heart and forces the learner driver to really get to grips with the question. This inevitably increases learning effectiveness. It goes without saying that you learn with the official test interface when using Fü, and thus benefit from all of the advantages that the system offers.

Having completed the PC test, driving instructors and learner drivers receive a report. This immediately shows which subject areas are problematic and possibly the reason for not passing the driver's test.

It is very easy to use the mobile PC system with a touchscreen. Learner drivers who have hardly any experience with the PC can first sit a short learning programme, with which they learn how to operate the user interface very quickly. All features of the PC test are included on Fü so that you really get to know your way around the official test environment while you are still learning.

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