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Fü donates 3,000 trees to Plant-for-the-Planet

3,000 trees for a green future

Fü supports Plant-for-the-Planet

Protecting the environment is everyone’s business: Even small gestures can help to reduce our carbon footprint. In this regard, planting trees is an effective means of sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. A tree that is roughly four metres tall stores approximately 25 kg CO₂ per year. Fü is supporting the Plant-for-the-Planet foundation by donating 3,000 trees – thus ensuring that our planet will become a little greener.

Committed to protecting the environment

The Plant-for-the-Planet organisation is working closely with the Fridays for Future student movement. Both projects have the goal of actively tackling climate change. We at Fü are also committed to protecting the environment. As an online learning portal for the driving theory test, we think sustainably and support young people on their journey to a safe and green future.

More trees means less CO₂

Felix Finkbeiner was just nine years old when he founded the Plant-for-the-Planet organisation in 2007, and 13.6 billion trees have already been planted since then. But they are still a long way from their target: To plant 1,000 billion trees. This figure could sequester a quarter of man-made carbon dioxide annually. According to current statistics, the volume of CO₂ in the air is increasing by roughly three percent year-on-year. Large-scale tree planting campaigns could have a long-term cumulative impact on settling the CO₂-balance.

Where and when are the 3,000 trees going to be planted?

Plant-for-the-Planet plants most of its trees on the Yucatán Peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico. The foundation’s planting area is located on 22,500 hectares of land, where the trees are nurtured from the point they are selected as seeds until they grow into a wood. Domestic varieties such as almond trees, gumbo-limbo, pumpwood and a range of fruit trees are planted and grown here. In Yucatán, trees grow on average four times faster than in central Europe and can thus sequester significantly more CO₂ in a shorter time period.

‘Tree certificate’ confirming 3,000 planted trees

All the information on Plant-for-the-Planet

  • Fü donates 3,000 trees to Plant-for-the-Planet
  • Balancing the CO₂-emissions of our online platform
  • Environmental protection for a safe and green future.
  • Plant-for-the-Planet grows, plants and cares for the trees on the Yucatán Peninsula
  • It costs around one Euro to plant and nurture one tree
  • The goal of the foundation: To plant 1,000 billion trees
  • 1 trillion trees could sequester a quarter of man-made carbon dioxide annually

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