Learn the new video-based questions of the theory exam at Führerschein-bestehen.de!

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Video-based questions for the theory exam

Video-based questions for the theory exam

Prepare yourself for the theory exam with videos

Available since 1 April 2014: The video-based theory exam! Prepare yourself for the new theory exam with videos at Führerschein-bestehen.de. Just like in the theory exam, you first have to watch a video to get familiarised with the situation. Next, you can either watch the video up to 4 more times or switch to the question. Just try it!

Knowing what's going on! The small, animated videos show you a moving traffic situation from the perspective of a driver's seat, in which you have to react correctly. Often the situations are very tricky and you have to look closely. With the official video-based questions at Führerschein-bestehen.de you get an ideal learning aid for these kind of questions. Play the videos up to 5 times per questionnaire, get better and better at answering the questions and be well prepared for the driving test.

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