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The driving test can be saved in several different languages, including English. You can study all questions in German and English at Fü The translations are completely official, and come from TÜV | DEKRA arge tp 21, and are exactly the same as in the theory test. This means that linguistic misunderstandings are avoided, you can understand the questions properly and answer them in a considered manner. And we have translated the entire website so that you reach your goal quicker. This means that you can prepare for the driving test completely in English.

Fü not only makes learning easier, but also much more efficient: Since the programme learns with you. It knows your weaknesses and is more likely to ask you questions which you personally find difficult. This means that you automatically repeat the difficult questions and can pass the driving test first time.

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Questionnaire for the driving test in English
Learning in the format of the theory test: Including useful features such as quick language change without clicking.

Study the questionnaires online: How to do it properly

Every learner driver wants to pass the theory test at the first attempt. After all, who wants to have to sit the theory test a second time? There are many learning systems that help you prepare for the driving test, but most of them are very inefficient and studying them is very laborious: Questions that you have already learnt are asked again and again. This is annoying and takes lots of time!

Fü offers a solution that is clearly more efficient: Here, the questionnaires are not statistically predefined, but dynamically sorted, as with an index card system. This means that you automatically learn the questions that you personally find difficult in a targeted manner. By the same token, easy questions can be simply ticked off once they are learnt. But even here, nothing is left to chance: Each question is only graded as having been learnt once that is really the case. So it is not possible to make a lucky guess! This is intelligent learning, as it should be.

And it gets even better: Even after completing just a few questionnaires, the programme can tell you the date on which you should be fit for the driving test if you maintain your learning speed. You can precisely view your leaning progress based on informative statistics. You can make targeted improvements to specific subject areas and simulate the driving test in two difficulty levels. These test simulations are also tailored to your specific level of knowledge: For example, the difficult test sheets only contain questions that pose the biggest problems during study.

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Fully equipped for the driving test in English

Official translations

All questionnaires are available in the official translation from TÜV | DEKRA arge tp 21 – just like in the theory test.

Official questionnaires

Study with the latest official driving test questionnaires in preparation for the driving test in English.

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Study on the PC, tablet or smartphone: The display is optimised so that you can concentrate on learning.

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