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Was ist Voraussetzung für das Ausscheren zum Überholen?

The StVO § 5 prescribes: (2) Only those who can overlook the fact that during the entire overtaking process any hindrance to oncoming traffic is excluded (...) may only overtake. (4) Anyone wishing to avoid overtaking must behave in such a way that any endangerment of subsequent traffic is ruled out (...).
Dass der Gegenverkehr nicht gefährdet wird
Oncoming traffic must not be obstructed when overtaking. If the distance to this, for example, due to confusing traffic conditions can not be estimated, then overtaking in this case is to be omitted.
Dass der Vorausfahrende rechts blinkt
If the driver on the right flashes to the right, this means that he wants to turn right or wants to signal to the driver that the train is free for overtaking. However, this is not a requirement to move out to overtake.
Dass eine Gefährdung des nachfolgenden Verkehrs ausgeschlossen ist
If this is not guaranteed, then it must not be overhauled.

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