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The driving test: Learning the right way with Fü!

At Fü you can prepare for the driving test properly and efficiently.

Study for the driving test online

Simple, effective, successful – online learning system for the driving test

Absolutely essential to prepare for the theory test – theinnovative online learning system by Führerschein bestehen effectively helps learner drivers of all driving licence classes to pass the driving test. Here you can find the original driving school questionnaires and the original video questions. Simply request a user account and use the online materials to learn and practice until you are fully prepared for the driving test.

The intelligent driving licence trainer adapts as you make progress, and it repeats the questions that you are still unsure about. This is how you achieve excellent learning results in no time at all. The effect: Almost all learners who study for their theory test online with us pass their test the first time! And if not? We offer a money-back guarantee! If you do not pass your theory test the first time, we will give you your money back!

Study for the driving test now!

Learning in the format of the theory test: Including useful features such as the watch list.

Study for the driving test – in the right way!

Every learner driver wants to pass the theory test at the first attempt. Preferably with 0 faults! Taking the theory test a second time is not only annoying but also means you have to pay a second time. This doesn't have to be the case. That is why you can study particularly effectively with Fü, so that you pass your driving test in one go!

How does it work? It's quite easy: Unlike many other learning systems, here you do not learn with fixed questionnaires, but in the same way as an index card system with dynamically created questionnaires. This means that you automatically learn the driving test questions that you personally find difficult. This significantly increases the learning speed because the easy questions are not repeated. It means that there is a focus on practising difficult questions. And the driving test no longer poses a problem for you!

As as way of testing yourself, you can simulate the driving test in two difficulty levels. These test simulations are also tailored to your specific requirements. The difficult test sheets only contain questions that pose the most problems during study. This simulation represents the worst-case scenario: The most difficult set of test questions in the driving test. If you pass this test simulation, there is no way you can go wrong on the real test! Once you reach an advanced study level, you can create and edit as many of these test simulations as you want.

Good luck with passing your driving test

Do you find it hard to study for your driving licence? Do you need help with the driving licence theory test? Fü clears the roads for you to pass your driving test! The programme is a high horsepower complete package of online learning material. This is where you can find all of the rules of thumb, traffic sign questions, number questions and video questions at a glance. Your learning speed is used to determine the date when you will be fit for the theory test. This means that you know exactly when you can successfully pass the driving test! You can find this and much more at Fü – your professional platform for the theory test.

Study for the driving test now!

Fully equipped for the driving test preparation

The official driver's license questions

Official questionnaires

Study with the latest official driving test questionnaires in preparation for the driving test.

Driver's license questions on tablet and smartphone

Smartphone & tablet

Study on the PC, tablet or smartphone: The display is optimised so that you can concentrate on learning.

Simulate driver's test

Test simulations

Simulate the driver's test in two difficulty levels: If you pass these questionnaires, you will also do well in the test!

Study for the driving test now!